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    1. Install plugin
    2. Enter the configuration menu called “Dynamically Populate CPT Menu”.
    3. Enter your serial code and your email, if you have problems, follow the prompts.
    4. At this point you should see the options panel.
    5. Enjoy

    ¿HOW TO USE?

    This plugin allows you to place all the posts of a custom post type within a menu or submenu, with a couple of steps to follow you can do it, it also works if you only need a term of a category associated with that custom post type you want to be displayed in the menu. This way it saves you a lot of time since it dynamically updates, deletes and adds according to the amount of posts you have and the predetermined order they have.

    Step 1: Create the menu and add the menu item of your CPT page.
    Step 2: Give it a unique class name, remember it and save your changes.

    Step 3: Go to this options page, in the form enter the name of your CPT and in the next step enter the name of the class you chose.

    Step 4: Create as many post’s as you want and see how they are dynamically placed in your menu, keeping your styles and updates.


    1. Automatically detects available CPT’s on your website.
    2. Automatically detects the taxonomies associated with your CPT’s.
    3. Automatically detects the terms associated with your taxonomy.
    4. Automatically populates all posts according to your indications within the menu with the class.
    5. If you upload a new post, delete or update the permalink, the plugin automatically recognizes it!
    6. Inherits menu classes and styles.


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