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Developing Your Sober Support Network

Easily find other people in your neighborhood that aren’t drinking or using drugs. Our program integrates numerous treatment modalities from yoga and meditation to individual and group services.

  • These people might be fun to hang out with, but they aren’t going to help you stay sober.
  • She graduated from The University of Maryland with a master’s degree in social work.
  • Each episode will feature guests, people Andrew looks up to in sobriety, in business and in life.
  • As a licensed clinician, Cheryl stands ready to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of mental, behavioral, and personality disorders that sometimes present alongside a substance use disorder.

Hamm stressed that CFN — as the company abbreviates it — isn’t just for people in recovery. Follow our blog for more information about substance use, addiction, and recovery. Recent posts include topics such as the meth recovery timeline and neuroplasticity exercises for addiction. Build your sober network and access it wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Celebrate Your Support Network

In addition to providing proven 12 Steps-based curricula, our treatment centers offer an extensive selection of program options for people from virtually every walk of life. Community groups for people in recovery usually provide a closed, confidential setting in which group members may feel comfortable communicating openly and forming supportive connections with other members. Attending recovery group meetings will help provide the accountability, support, and sense of community you need to help you remain clean and sober. People with whom you already have a relationship may be good candidates to be in your support network. Family members may be the most supportive allies in your recovery.

If you’re going to do this properly, then you need to take time to think about your goals and needs. You may want to spend some time writing out ideas of how you plan to achieve your goals.

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Trust that you can be successful in this, and that the help you will receive in your recovery is worth the effort. Luckily, there is no shortage of 12 step recovery programs out there. If you Google your zip code or the name of your city along with the phrase “AA meetings” or “NA meetings” or “CA meetings” , then you will usually find an official list of sober networking meetings in the area. If you are not a fan of the 12-step model, then you might look at list of local SMART meetings to see if there is a meeting place in your area. If you have multiple options, then you should try them all out and find the best one. Having a solid home group can be an important step toward developing a truly strong support network.

Best Secular Group : Lifering

A variety of formats can allow people to find a community they feel most comfortable in. If you’re tired of having the “I don’t drink” conversation on every first date you go on then you really need to download our app. Boozeless Guides offers exactly what its name implies… events, restaurants and travel destinations you can attend without the pressure of any booze.

For those who are recovering from an addiction, a connection might be even more important. Creating a network of people and resources helps people feel less lonely, isolated, and anxious. Trusting people doesn’t come naturally for some addicts and alcoholics, but you need to trust in others if you want to build the strongest support network you can.

Identifying Compatible People For Your Support Network

It’s difficult to have real-time connections in our ever-evolving modern age, but many people use technology to synch up with others. It also provides free access to sober individuals and activities that are often more lifestyle based, with recovery acknowledgement serving as a secondary factor. Leaving treatment can make it difficult to reconnect with the recovery community outside support meetings. However, if you want to meet other sober individuals, a great way to do so is to engage with the recovery community. Getting involved can mean volunteering, hosting sober events, or offering to teach others about addiction. These activities will help you meet other sober individuals and extend your support network. Residential addiction treatment is designed to take you out of the life you were living in active addiction.

While online groups can make support more accessible, they’re not the best fit for everyone. If you benefit more from face-to-face counseling or focused one-on-one time with a therapist, you may want to search for alcohol support groups or other treatment options in your area that you can attend in person.

Stay Informed

Intervention Strategies is a consulting firm led by licensed therapists who offer specialized services for individuals in need who feel that they’ve “reached the end of the line” and need professional help. Client Care Solutions is a mobile app development company that creates Android and iOS apps designed to fill gaps in service between patients and their physicians and care managers. offers an online directory for recovering addicts looking for sober living facilities. is an easy-to-use and intuitive online directory comprised of sober houses and recovery residences. helps individuals in recovery find affordable housing during their transition into sober living. Nevertheless, people often find it challenging to effectively build a support network. Some people are so excited to have completed a rehab program that they don’t fully realize the importance of building a support network.

Our aftercare planning begins on day 1, working to provide the resources and community that help our patients sustain their recovery. Our Texas rehab facility also has a sober living residence to help patients transition from residential treatment to regular daily life. It can be incredibly beneficial to spend time with people who are living life to the fullest without drugs and alcohol—and who encourage you to do the same. Your sober network will become your first line of defense against the obstacles that challenge recovery, so select carefully.

Remember that not everyone you meet is going to become a lifelong friend. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop a strong and fulfilling short-term relationship with someone. If you are attempting to include people in your support group who have been hurt or damaged by your addiction, don’t get upset if they are slow to warm up to you. People are often hesitant when others make drastic changes in their behavior. This is especially true if you have struggled with addictive behavior for many years. While this might be uncomfortable at first, this also shows that you are willing to repair the damage done by your addiction. Acknowledging your past behavior and making amends for it also proves to your friends and family that you have become a different person.

Is An Online Sobriety Support Group Right For Me?

He is a member of over a dozen professional medical associations and in his free time enjoys a number of different activities. Although now retired from racing, was a member of the International Motor Sports Association and Sports Car Club of America.

  • Certified facilitators lead the online and in-person programs, which focus on positive reinforcement, cognitive strategies, relaxation techniques, and group involvement.
  • • Within a sober network, you are given the opportunity to redevelop sober social skills.
  • Nevertheless, people often find it challenging to effectively build a support network.
  • While swiping on Tinder or “liking” an event on Facebook doesn’t require alcohol, meeting up afterward often does, leaving those who want to socialize sober in the lurch.
  • This experience allowed him to learn the inner workings of almost any aspect of a company.
  • One of the biggest obstacles to getting sober, he said, is the idea that someone’s social life will come to an end.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to attend recovery meetings. The people in these meetings have dealt with a similar struggle as you, and they are all reaching a similar goal. There are lots of reasons that it’s important to have a social support network. Once returning to the world of sobriety, it can be overwhelming to try and return to socialization without the help of substance abuse. However, this is necessary in order to destroy any destructive patterns that have emerged as a result of substance abuse. Sober –Offers real time, stigma free support for sobriety in a fun and engaging environment.

Reliance on any information provided by this website is solely at your own risk. It is important to have a support network of people who can rely upon one another. When it comes to romance, Sober is the most obvious of the three apps.

However, for people recovering from addiction like myself, events like these where alcohol is served can be uncomfortable — especially early on in your sobriety journey. According to Eric, recovery for individuals struggling with addiction is greatly enhanced by social connectedness. Yet, many people with substance use disorders are not fully engaged in their communities as many individuals often remain socially isolated and excluded. Negative perceptions, prejudice, and discrimination contribute to the social exclusion of people seeking recovery. Recognizing alcohol misuse is the first step on the road to recovery.

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The coaches can help set goals, monitor your progress, share their own stories of recovery, and offer support. The program teaches 13 acceptance statements that encourage emotional and spiritual growth. Certified facilitators lead the online and in-person programs, which focus on positive reinforcement, cognitive strategies, relaxation techniques, and group involvement. The plan is intended to provide practical tools to address recovery head-on with a support system in place. It also provides scientific research on addiction and techniques to maintain sobriety.